Construction Alerts

Campanile Road Closure on May 27

In support of the New Engineering and Science Building construction, Campanile Road will be closed in the below-noted section beginning Friday, May 27, at noon through Sunday, May 29, until the end of the day. This closure is necessary to dismantle one of the cranes on the construction site. Campus entrances 21 and 23 will remain open, and a flagperson will be available on both ends of the closures for pedestrian and golf cart traffic.

For specific questions or concerns about this scheduled activity, please contact Angie Chen (

Campanile Road Closure

Fire Lane Project within the John and Anne Grove

In support of the New Hanszen College Wing Project, a fire apparatus driving lane will be installed, which will serve the new building and will begin on Monday, May 23. The installation will enable accessible egress paths for sidewalks to and from the South Colleges through the John and Anne Grove, which will also require the closure of the Grove for the duration of the summer.

The fencing installation for the site begins on Monday, May 23. Construction is expected to be completed before Orientation week, August 12, 2022. The plan outlining the anticipated fencing in the Grove is shown below. Pedestrian traffic will need to use alternate paths from the South Colleges away from the Grove for the next 12 weeks. For questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Faten Tayeh (

Fencing Outline Grove May 23

New Engineering and Science Building Construction - April 18 until May 6

Construction work for the New Engineering and Science Building will extend beyond the current construction fence to tie in critical utilities. Please note the reroute dates below and refer to the map for specific location details.

Monday, April 18 through Wednesday, April 27: Delivery traffic access from entrance 23 to North College Road will be available but will be routed around the loading dock of the West Servery back out.

Wednesday, April 27 until Friday, May 6: Delivery and traffic access from entrance 23 to the West Servery loading dock will not be available. Access should come from the main loop.

In both traffic reroute timeframes, emergency vehicles will be able to access the North College Road. A map is included below that highlights both areas.

Please contact Angie Chen, at or 713-348-6387, if you have specific questions about the work scheduled.

NESB Construction Notice Map

Hanszen '57 Wing Demolition and New Wing Construction - May 19

Beginning at 6:00 am on Wednesday, May 19, fencing around the construction site will be installed and demolition of the Hanszen ‘57wing may begin as early as May 26. Demolition is taking place to make room for the New Hanszen College wing set to open for Fall Semester 2022. Following demolition, construction is expected to continue through July 2022. Please note the following key points as it relates to access, traffic and parking in the area.

Access to the Building

Access to the Hanszen ‘57 wing will be prohibited after Monday, May 17. All students will need to vacate the building by 5:00 pm. Beginning on Tuesday, May 18, demolition of interior walls will begin in preparation for the removal of any pipe insulation found in the walls and ceilings. Once construction fencing is installed, on May 19, only constriction and Rice personnel wearing proper PPE will be allowed on the construction site.

A map of the areas impacted is included below. Additional questions or concerns related to this project should be directed to Anzilla Gilmore, or 713-348-5778.

Pedestrian Access

Portions of the Hanszen College quad will remain open for the duration of constriction. The pedestrian walkway immediately adjacent to the east side of Wiess College will be closed from May 19, 2021, through July 2022. Access between the Hanszen Commons and the Hanszen ‘55 wing will be closed for the duration of construction (May 18, 2021, until July 2022). Access to the existing Hanszen Magister House will be available from the John and Anne Grove. The Wiess Magister House will remain accessible on the south side of Wiess College.

Parking near the construction site

Entrance 4 will be used for construction and large truck access. On May 18, cars parked in the south college lot south of Hanszen near Alumni Drive and the Wiess Magister House will be parked along an active path of traffic for construction vehicles and material delivery. Those that choose to park there may occasionally be blocked in and/or be exposed to dust and mud kicked up by construction vehicles. Please be mindful of yourself should you park in the area. Avoid walking in the driveway at all times.

Hanszen Map

Current Campus Construction Map

Rice Construction Map