Billable vs. Non-Billable Work

Facilities Engineering and Planning (FE&P) follows the guidelines of University Policy 824-77 “Charges for Departmental Services.”

FE&P offers two types of services:

  • Physical Plant or Facilities Services
  • Departmental Services

FE&P is responsible for providing the basic facilities and utilities services in the academic and administration buildings. These services are non-billable to the department and delivered routinely with or without departmental requests and are funded by direct allocation to the service; therefore, it is non-billable to the department receiving the service. The basic services include preventive and routine maintenance of the building structure, exterior envelope, interior, and mechanical electrical and plumbing systems, custodial, landscape and solid waste.

Departmental services are billable to the department requesting for a service unique to the department for maintenance, repair, or modification of facilities, special equipment, or Fixed Proprietary Equipment (FPE).

All FE&P services are billable to the Auxiliary departments which include:

  • Housing and Dining
  • Athletics
  • Jones Graduate School of Business
  • Susanne Glasscock School Of Continuing Studies

Other billable:

  • BioScience Research Collaborative
  • Rice Children’s Campus
  • Off-campus housing