Construction Alert: Demolition of Old Sid Richardson College

The preparation for the demolition of Old Sid will begin on Wednesday, June 14. Major demolition work will begin on Wednesday, June 28.

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to share information about the planning and preparation for the demolition of Old Sid Richardson College to make way for Colleges 12 and 13. To that end, the preparation of the Old Sid site will begin on Wednesday, June 14. This includes the placement of construction fences and cutting and capping existing utilities. Major demolition work is set to begin on Wednesday, June 28. The building will be demolished floor by floor, beginning at the top level and working down through to the first floor. While this work is taking place, our team is committed to keeping the site area safe to ensure a smooth operation. To that end, please review the safety precautions listed below:

Pedestrian Traffic: As preparation and demolition activities intensify around Old Sid and the South Colleges Lot, please be mindful of heavy pedestrian traffic in these areas. While pathways to New Sid Rich will be maintained on the south side, pedestrians are encouraged to explore alternative access points. Please refer to the pedestrian access map below to assist with that.

Vehicle Parking and Traffic: Although some parking spaces will be coned off for construction purposes, parking will remain available in the South Colleges Lot. There will be limited parking capacity during this time.

Project site access by construction vehicles will be through Campus Entrances 3 and 4. A flag person will be present to guide and ensure the safety of all individuals in the area.

This work is scheduled to complete by October 2023. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tina Hicks, senior project manager, at 713-348-4296 or Your engagement and support are instrumental in making this transition as seamless as possible.

Thank you for your commitment to our campus community,

Facilities, Engineering and Planning

Sid Rich Demo Map