Financial & Business Services

Facilities Engineering and Planning’s Financial and Business Services group has primary responsibility for departmental budgeting, accounting, and office support. The Business Support staff manages the annual budget and monitors and manages financial activity throughout the year, in collaboration with the university’s budget and controller’s offices. Operational and project support is provided for financial and process management. This includes the oversite of billing and the hourly personnel payroll submissions along with the acquisition of office supplies and equipment.

Mission: To provide accurate, timely, quality service to the Facilities Engineering and Planning department and other campus customers; to promote effective communication, to facilitate regular processing of financial data, and to maintain accurate records in accordance with University guidelines for informational, managerial, and historical purposes.

Team: Charlotte Bennett, Marguerite Hamilton, Dee Ann Housman, Huy C. Tran, Pamela Marut (Director), supported by Dora Pedraza and Becky Hebert