TRIRIGA Space Management

TRIRIGA’s Space Management module streamlines the management of Rice’s space resources through Facilities Engineering and Planning, working in partnership with administrative and academic departments on campus. Division and department administrators can use TRIRIGA to directly manage space allocations and assignments within their respective areas in the program. Graphic floor plan reports outlining various space attributes are also available to TRIRIGA users. This access provides departments with a user-friendly tool to track, assign, and assess their space, increasing efficiency, and data accuracy.

TRIRIGA Capital Project Management

Facilities, Engineering and Planning is implementing the IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project module to improve processes for project creation and project management. TRIRIGA will replace the existing Capital Budget Website and Cost Projection Website. Division representatives and FE&P will be able to create Facility Budget Requests and Project. Capital Budgeting will be improved by transitioning from the antiquated website and manual spreadsheets to a system that is seamless for input, updating, project selection, and reporting. For project management, TRIRIGA will allow tracking of contracts, costs, and progress all in one location including enhanced reporting options. Integration with Space and Operations and Maintenance modules allow for increased efficiencies and information capture.

TRIRIGA Operations and Maintenance Management

TRIRIGA’s Operations and Maintenance Management module improves processes for managing all campus, building, and equipment assets through streamlined, online records management, tracking work task service requests (including materials inventory, technician wrench time, and customer satisfaction to name a few), and providing campus users with easy-to-use processes for entering and tracking their own service requests.