Facilities Service Center

Located in the Facilities and Engineering Building, the Facilities Service Center (FSC) is the communication hub for the department, providing a centralized point of contact for work requests and maintenance related information. The role of the FSC is to facilitate customer requests, maintain an equipment and work-order database and to gather and disseminate information. The FSC processes approximately 30,000 work-orders per year, recording all requests for maintenance or other specialty assistance. The FSC also coordinates with the appropriate groups within Facilities Engineering and Planning to ensure that customer needs have been communicated. Reporting on cost accumulation and billing for services provided by the department is another service offered by the FSC.

Estimates for larger jobs, those over $500, will be done at no charge to the requesting department. Once completed, the estimate will be returned to the requestor for approval. The approved service work order (SWR) should be returned to the FSC and the request will be forwarded for scheduling. Estimates are valid for 90 days. After 90 days, unapproved requests will be closed.

Billable work is defined as any request for an auxiliary service (Housing & Dining, Athletics, the School for Continuing Studies, the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School, etc), and any other non-routine requests such as moving assistance, heavy trash pick-ups, non-routine painting, etc. Please refer to Rice University General Policy Number 824 "Charges for Departmental Services," for an explanation of billable vs. non-billable work. To see a listing of billable vs. non-billable work please click here.