Current Construction Projects

Hanszen College New Wing

The new Hanszen College replacement wing will be approximately 50,000 gross square feet total, 4.5 stories, 166 beds in room configurations of singles and doubles, and two Residential Advisors Suites, each composed of living space, kitchen, two-bedroom(s), and two bathrooms. The new wing is being constructed using cross-laminated timber (CLT), making it the first residential college to be built on a university campus in Texas. The new wing will be built using cross-laminated timber (CLT), making it the first use of this construction material for a residential college on a university campus in Texas. Demolition of the existing 1957 wing took place in late May 2021.

Construction continues through 2022 -- Click here for more detailed information

Ralph S. O’Connor Building for Engineering Science (New Engineering and Sciences Building)

The new Engineering and Sciences Building will be located on the site of Abercrombie Engineering Laboratory on the east side of the historic Engineering Quadrangle. This project is set to be one of the largest projects on campus over the past decade. The 250,000 gross square foot building will cover roughly the same footprint as Abercrombie. The new building will be home to The Welch Institute along with other faculty research laboratories, innovation space, core lab, classrooms, conference facilities, a café, and departmental offices. The building will have four above-grade floors and a full basement. The interior buildout of the building will be done in phases with the first tenant as The Welch Institute. Additional information for the project can be viewed here.

The demolition of Abercrombie began on May 17, 2021. The Welch Institute is scheduled to occupy the building in January 2023 -- Click here for more detailed information.