Special Recycling

Batteries – from alkaline to lithium to lead-acid and more – can be delivered to Environmental Health and Safety (mail stop 123) for recycling or proper disposal.

Gently used clothing can be taken to an appropriate charitable organization to be donated.

Computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, scanners, printers, radios, CDs and DVDs, and cell phones are recyclable. Electronics which have a memory or have software must first go through your department's Division Representative. Rice IT will scrub the equipment and then will send it to be recycled. Electronics that do not contain memory can be recycled through Environmental Health and Safety.

Lab Equipment
Clean glass can be disposed of regularly. Any contaminated glass should be washed out thoroughly or placed in a hazardous waste bin. Follow all rules and regulations posted in Rice Laboratories. Ask Lab Managers if you are unsure of how to dispose of waste items.

Packing materials
Rice’s Delivery Services team welcomes the chance to reuse your packaging materials, from packing peanuts and air pillows and bubble wrap to boxes to padded envelopes. Drop them off at the Rice campus mail station for reuse.

Printer cartridges
Delivery Services accepts printer and toner cartridges from inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines, and copiers. They can be sent via campus mail to Delivery Services attn.: cartridge recycling, and they will handle the rest. Used toner cartridges can also often be shipped back to the manufacturer using the prepaid shipping labels you receive with each new toner purchase.

Styrofoam packing materials can be reused by Delivery Services. For all other Styrofoam materials, please visit the City of Houston's Styrofoam Recycling FAQ page.

Students can recycle batteries, electronics, and ink cartridges in designated receptacles at their respective residential college. Contact your college’s EcoRep if you have any questions.