Recently Completed Construction Projects

Maxfield Hall Renovation

Project Manager: Tina Hicks
The 20,730 gross square foot historic Mechanical Lab building, attached to the Central Plant, was renovated which included a full replacement of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Two additions providing for new egress stairs were added on the north side and attach to all three levels of the building. A new at-grade entrance on the southeast side was cut into the facade. New elevators provide full building accessibility after the renovation. The renovated facility is home to the Department of Statistics/Brown School of Engineering. The project is pursuing a historic designation of the building with the Texas Historical Commission and the National Park Service.

Construction began in August 2020 and building occupancy took place in June 2021.

New Hanszen College Magister House

Project Manager: Faten Tayeh
The approximately 4,200 square foot new Hanszen College Magister house is located just south of the existing Rice MultiCultural Center. The new house is two stories with three bedrooms, three and one-half baths, an office, kitchen, dining room, public living space on the first floor, and private living space on the second floor. The house also includes a two-car attached garage.

Construction began in October 2020, and building occupancy took place in August 2021.

New Sid Richardson College

Project Manager: Anzilla Gilmore
New Sid Richardson College is located between campus entrances 3 and 4 off Main Street between Siebel Servery and Old Sid Richardson College. New Sid Richardson College is approximately 148,000 square feet, increasing capacity from 229 in the former college to 312 beds. The new facility includes three resident associate apartments, a new Magister’s House, a private dining room (PDR), and a new college commons that connects to Seibel Servery. New Sid Rich is the tallest college on campus boasting twelve stories that look over the new wing of Will Rice College to the north and features a 4,000 SF open-air terrace that overlooks the new college quad and the John and Anne Grove.

Construction began in August 2019, and building occupancy began in late January 2021.