TRIRIGA Billing Processes

TRIRIGA Billing Processes

When submitting a request in the TRIRIGA system, it is important to identify the billable request classes. There are several request classes, and the system will prompt users to charge either POET or COA. POETAF is the "Program, Organization, Expenditure Type, and Task. The AF (Award and Fund) is optional but will be used if provided. COA is the "Chart of Accounts." The system will default the common segments of the COA; however, you can override all except the account code. The account code is specific to FE&P charges. Customer should provide the Org and check the fund type, fund source and classification (* see below).

The following is a list of billable services chargeable to the customer:

Request classes:

Access Control/Security
Cut Copy of Keys (Billable
Cut Key by Code (Billable)
Master Key (Billable
Rekey (Billable)
Building Interior
Secure Object to Wall (Billable)
Heavy Disposal- Furniture, Equipment (Billable)
Office Remodel (Billable
Custom Cabinetry (Billable)
Disassemble Furniture (Billable)
Furniture Repair (Billable)
Hang Picture/Plaques (Billable)
Hang Whiteboard or Bulletin Board (Billable)
Blinds or Curtain Repair (Billable)
Move Items (Billable)
Electrical and Lighting
Install Outlet (Billable
Event Support
Plumbing Event Support (Billable)
Beer Bike (Billable)
Commencement (Billable
Custodial Event Support (Billable)
Electrical Event Support (Billable)
Exterior Event Heavy Trash Pickup (Billable)
Exterior Moving/Setup/Take Down (Billable)
Hang Banner/Signage (Billable)
Grounds Event Support (Billable)
HVAC Services
Ice Machine (Billable
Refrigeration Repair (Billable)
Remove Refrigerator (Billable
Vehicles and Carts
Cart Identification (Billable)
Cart Repairs (Billable)
Equipment Repair (Billable)
Replace Cart Cover (Billable)
Tires (Billable)
Vehicle Repairs (Billable)
Fabricate Cart Seat (Billable)

*COA Segments:

Entity = 10

Org = Customer Provides

Fund Type = 100

Fund Source = 000000

Account = 8985

Classification = 500

Program = 9999

Activity = 9999

Location = 999

Future Use = 999