Q: Is TRIRIGA related to Oracle/imagineOne (iO)?

A: No. TRIRIGA is not related to Oracle/imagineOne. TRIRIGA is a management software platform from IBM that includes Space Management, Capital Projects, Operations, and Maintenance modules. Both systems, imagineOne, and TRIRIGA are going live on July 1.

Q: How will TRIRIGA impact me?

A: TRIRIGA will be the new platform for service requests, space changes, facility budget requests, and utility outages.

Q: Who can use TRIRIGA?

A: Each department will have a representative(s) that can create service requests and space moves. FE&P will be able to work with your department if additional software licenses are needed.

Q: Will the Facilities Service Center (FSC) still be available if I need to submit a service request?

A: Yes! The FSC will be open to answer questions and to help with work tasks. FSC email or 713-348-2485.

Q: Is there training available for the different TRIRIGA Modules?

A: Yes. Training is available. Facilities Engineering and Planning will also have training guides available. For specific training, please email

Q: Can anyone still create a Facility Budget Request (FBR)?

A: Anyone can still request a capital project, even if they don't have TRIRIGA. If your group does not have a TRIRIGA license, email for assistance.

Q: Will the department administrator be able to designate another staff member to assist with the space management module?

A: Yes. The Department Director/Chair can designate the staff member for the Department who will have access to the Space Management Module in TRIRIGA by sending an e-mail to: One designate per department is provided at no charge to the department.

Q: What is TRIRIGA licensing for?

A: TRIRIGA will use your NETid and password to authenticate each session. As with most Rice systems, logins cannot be shared. There is no license fee required to submit or track a Service Request (work order) or for viewing and/or locating a space on campus. Any staff that will be administering TRIRIGA data or be involved in workflows beyond that will require an incremental license (examples include a staff member who is a Division Space Administrator or a staff member who submits Capital Budget Requests). Often these two roles are performed by the same person within an area and accordingly FEP will provide one license to each school or division. If any division prefers to have multiple staff in these roles, there will be a minimal annual license fee for each additional person. Details can be provided upon request.