Space Standards

Research Space: New assistant professors that conduct experimental laboratory research will be allocated 900 – 1,100 assignable square feet. The Provost must approve exceptions to this policy. Metrics have been established to provide a common basis for measurement of the utilization of all research spaces, regardless of discipline. These metrics include a three-year average of total research expenditures/assignable square foot, as well as a three-year average of assignable square feet/person participating in full-time research. These metrics are reviewed, at least annually, and ranked to review the bottom quartile in each department for any potential reallocation of space.

Instructional Space: All instructional space falls under the authority of the Provost, who has delegated full responsibility for management to the Office of the Registrar. For a full description of classroom scheduling practices, such as Standard Time Blocks, Anchor Courses, Courses Offered During “Prime Time,” and Shared Scheduling with Departments, please refer to the Annual Classroom Report section of the Office of the Registrar website. An interactive dashboard demonstrates classroom and seat utilization throughout the Office of the Registrar classroom inventory.

Office/Administrative Space: All office and administrative space falls under the authority of the Provost, who has delegated management to Deans, Vice Presidents, and Vice Provosts. The following standards are intended to inform decisions about the allocation of offices and administrative space.& These standards are to assure that Rice uses office space efficiently and effectively to: evaluate space requests; project future space requirements; and, ensure each campus unit is adequately and equitably housed.

Office Type Default Office Type Assignable Square Feet
Provost Private 280 - 300
Vice Provost Private 225 - 250
Vice President Private 250 - 275
Dean Private 250 - 275
Department Chair Private 175 - 200
Assistant/Associate Vice President Private 150 - 175


  • Tenure-Track Faculty (all ranks)
  • NTT Research Professor (all ranks)
  • NTT Teaching Professor (all ranks)
Private 150 - 165

Other Academic Positions*

  • Joint Appointment
  • Lecturer
  • Professor-in-the-Practices
  • Instructor
  • Visitor
  • Adjunct
Course load determines entitlement to an office and the default configuration is a shared office of up to four (4) occupants. If the instruction load is 3+ courses, a private office may be provided by the department on a space-available basis. 45 - 100
* Variability of space allocation to these positions will be up to the individual departments on a space available basis. Any needs by these positions to conduct private conversations should be addressed by providing adequate access to nearby meeting spaces/huddle rooms.

Laboratory Personnel

  • Visiting Researcher
  • Research Assistant
  • Lab Manager
  • Senior Scientist
The default configuration is a shared office up to four (4) occupants. Variability of space allocation to these positions will be up to the individual departments on a space-available basis. 45 - 100


  • Post-Doc
  • Graduate Students
Open workstation 30 - 50

Undergraduate Student (involved in research)

Open workstation at a ratio of one (1) workstation to four (4) Undergraduate Students. 30 - 50
Staff Work Space Workstation or Private Office depending on classification 60 - 100

Multiple office assignments to an individual are not allowed. The Provost may approve the assignment of a secondary office on an exception and time-limited basis.